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Our observation is that many boaters don’t know the value or benefits of having a trim tab system on their boat and don’t know how to work them properly, so we thought we'd write about the basics of trim tabs. 

Trim tabs consist of two adjustable stainless steel planes mounted at the port and starboard sides of the transom of a boat. They are controlled by actuators mounted to the planes, and when they are deflected downwards provide lift and stabilization to the hull, compensate for changes in speed, weight distribution and water conditions. The force of the water on the trim tabs creates upward pressure raising the stern and reducing hull resistance.

Trim Tab Benefits:

Trim tabs saves money on fuel as a properly trimmed boat can significantly lower fuel cost in a single season of usage.

Trim tabs make a boat ride more comfortable by keeping the boat trimmed so there is a smooth entry of the hull through the water, instead of the boat leaning to the port or starboard which causes a heavy pounding and consequently a rough ride.

Trim tabs also allow the boat to stay on plane at lower speeds. Improves your “hole shot”; which means the boat gets on plane more quickly from a stopped position; they also reduce engine labouring and eliminates proposing.

Auto Tab Control

This addition to the basic trim tab system gives you a perfectly trimmed boat every time. The auto tab control does exactly what it says; it interacts directly with the trim tab system to automatically monitor the boats position and maintain the correct cruising angle. This is a great option for boats that are shared by a group of people, some of whom may not be completely knowledgeable about keeping the boat trimmed manually

Auto Tab Retractor

This unit automatically retracts the trim tabs when the boat ignition is turned off, so boats on a trailer or in dry storage have the added defence from trim tab damage with the tabs “full up” when the boat is taken out of the water.

Electronic Indicator Control

This rocker switch for tab activation has LED lights on both sides which light up to show the operator what angle the trim tabs are set at.

Personally, we prefer the manual trim tab system for the hands-on feel and control of the boat. We can adjust the trim angle of the boat when we’re out cruising and if the sea picks up and gets choppy, a couple of touches on the switches will bring the bow down for a more stable ride; and if the wind shifts to one side the opposite side can be adjusted to compensate. We enjoy this ability to tweak the angle on the boat while cruising or dealing with the elements. Whatever your preference, manual or auto, trim tabs are essential equipment on power boats for a smooth and easy ride, and to save money at the fuel dock. 

Give us a call us today for more information at 604-921-7124. We’d be happy to talk with you.

~ Howe Sound Marine ~

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